No coding required. 

No tech skills necessary.

by Jen Lehner

If you want to take advantage of the greatest new platform to come along for growing an audience since Facebook and YouTube hit the scene, read this book.

Lots of diagrams!

About The Book

Finding Listeners

Set Up Your Briefing in 2 Hours or Less

The book explains exactly what an Alexa Flash Briefing Skills is, why you need one, and exactly how to set one up, step by step. 

This book goes beyond the tech. You will learn how to market your briefing, arrange your keywords so that it gets found easily on, and how to leverage this unique platform to increase clients and sales.

Jen Lehner is a digital marketing strategist, consultant, podcaster, and a professor of digital marketing. Her own flash briefing, The Front Row Entrepreneur, is enjoyed by thousands of listeners every day, many of whom have become Jen's best clients. 

Author: Jen Lehner

The Ultimate Guide to Alexa Flash Briefing Skills

by Jen Lehner

The time to make a name for yourself on this new platform is now. In just a year, the opportunity will not be as strong as it is now. Be the early adopter. 

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